Comprehensive Vocational Review (CVR) Information

The Comprehensive Vocation Review is a key requirement for students in the Master of Divinity program. The review is an opportunity for you to receive feedback concerning your participation in the Seminary program and your readiness and suitability for your chosen vocation. The team also will make recommendations concerning your final stages in Seminary and preparations for ministry.  The review session will be conducted by the student, faculty member, ministerial guide, judicatory representative or mentor in one’s desired field, the FE supervisor, and one student peer. The session typically lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Goals of the CVR:

  • To assess a student's progress in the program and ability to continue;
  • To provide care and support for the student;
  • To assess a student’s readiness for his or her vocation;
  • To review, and modify when necessary, the formation goals of the student;
  • To counsel a student about his or her FE placement plan;
  • To advise, when needed, a modification of study plans given the particularities of the student;
  • To communicate, when applicable, with judicatory representatives about the progress of a candidate for ministry.

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