Ministry Seminar (MS) Information

Ministry Seminars actively integrate faith, theological studies, spiritual practices, relationships, and ministry by exploring the challenges of shaping lives of faith, ministry, and leadership. Each student enrolled in the Master of Divinity program is required to register for Ministry Seminars 100, 200, and 300. 

In the early part of ministry seminars, you begin the discipline of processing and integrating the various aspects of the Master of Divinity program. Practice, reflection, writing, presentations, and group discussions are the main methods. You are introduced to spiritual practices from different courses. As you continue in your ministry seminars, you continue integrating the various aspects of the Master of Divinity program through spiritual practices, reflection, writing, presentations, and discussion. In addition, you will research and explore the explicit and implicit expectations for ministry within your denominational context to become more fully equipped to discern the mission of your denomination and your willingness and ability to commit yourself to that mission. Towards the conclusion of the ministry seminars, you reflect theologically on your field education experiences. Utilizing both your experience and the accounts of other ministers, you carefully consider what it means to make a commitment to a life of ministry.

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