Ever thought of how we tell and thus live our story? Narrative Approach to therapy claims that the way we tell our story is a window to how we perceive the world and thus approach it. Hence, many mental, relational and functional issues in our lives emanate from a problem saturated storying of our life. The solution – help change the perception of our life through the power of language, perception and a futuristic focus. This is an entry course to Narrative approach to therapy that will tool participants with basic skills of engaging their lives and those they serve through empowering narratives.

This course is designed as an examination of the theory and practice of a postmodern family systems approach to counseling – Narrative counseling or therapy. The processes of externalizing, deconstruction and of authoring and re-authoring lives through stories will be examined from the disciplines of literature, psychology, Bible, theology, and counseling. One’s identity develops out of personal; family, community and global stories internalized, and can become complete when seen through the eyes of the meta-narrative (Scripture). The class will examine how these stories can be problematic with misinformation/mis-interpretation in times of crisis, thereby needing re-authoring.