Helpful Links

FAFSA - FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID. Beware of phony websites that charge a fee to process. FAFSA is a free application provided by the federal government.

PIN (U.S. Department of Education), needed to complete the FAFSA

The Five-Minute FAFSA is a quick and entertaining introduction to completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. A high-speed internet connection is recommended for optimal viewing.

NSLDS (National Student Loan Database System): If you've borrowed before through the Title IV or Pell Grant programs, you can review information about your current and past loans here at NSLDS, the U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid. Includes the status of your loans, balances, disbursements and lender information.

Stafford Loans

Fed Loan Servicing Center:  You may review Direct Stafford Loan information by setting up a user account with the Pensylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

AES Account Access Center: American Education Services or AES services the majority of Stafford loans borrowed by LTS students prior to Direct Lending. Such borrowers can access account information on current and past loans here on the AES website. Includes loan amounts, interest rates, unpaid interest, lender information and payment record.

Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education

Education Planner website of American Education Services features a wide range of information on adult education, including guidance on finances. is a comprehensive public service collection of information about financial aid including an explanation of types of aid available, calculators for determining and understanding your options, and answers to frequently-asked questions.
GI Bill education and training benefits provides information on veteran education benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military Veterans Higher Education Resources

Financial Aid for Veterans & Their Dependents

Veterans Guide to Online College Success

The IRS Publication 970: "Tax Benefits for Higher Education" offers information on education tax incentives.
ALISON: The Free Global Learning Experience - This interactive multimedia course for anyone seeking an introduction to financial skills.
Plan Ahead financial planning tool for seminarians: Analyze your financial situation using this tool or the budget calculator of your choice. The Church Pension Group of the Episcopal Church has permitted LTS students to use Plan Ahead. Designed for Episcopalian seminary students, the tool can be adapted as necessary.

Tabor Community Services, a nonprofit organization in Lancaster, Pa., offers a Consumer Credit Counseling Service to guide individuals in creating personal budgets, establishing short- and long-term financial goals, paying down debt, and resolving credit problems.

The Project on Student Debt works to increase public understanding of this trend and the implications for our families, economy, and society. Recognizing that loans play a critical role in making college possible, the Project's goal is to identify cost-effective solutions that expand educational opportunity, protect family financial security, and advance economic competitiveness.

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and Mennonite Mutual Aid - Free, faith-based, confidential budget and debt counseling from a certified credit counselor (up to four sessions). Call toll-free (877) 809-0039. Among the services available are:

  • Debt repayment plans.
  • Advice about identity theft issues.
  • Student and vehicle loan questions (borrowing, repayment, default, and repossession).

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